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Dec 07
Published: December 07, 2009 22:12 PM by  Christina Wheeler

If you have your site enabled for anonymous access and you use Content Query Web Parts (CQWP) when an anonymous user clicks on the links they end up with a "403" forbidden error. As it turns out the CQWP has all links go through the CopyUtil.aspx page instead of linking to the item directly. This page without customization, does not support anonymous access however there are two different workarounds to fix this problem.


1) Override the ContentQuery (ContentQueryMain.xsl) Web Part's XSLT to use "DispForm.aspx" instead of "CopyUtil.aspx".

        <xsl:if test="$UseCopyUtil = 'True'">
            <xsl:value-of select="concat('/_layouts/dispform.aspx?Use=id&amp;Action=dispform&amp;ItemId=',@ID,'&amp;ListId=',@ListId,'&amp;WebId=',

2) Or you can create a custom CopyUtil.aspx page and override the AllowAnonymous property.