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May 24

Business Need

  • One calendar in SharePoint to show multiple users’ Outlook calendar.
  • Each user’s calendar events must be a different color from other user’s calendar events.
  • A user must manage events in one location.
  • Must be a no-code solution.

After searching many posts in the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Forum ( for help, I have been unable to successfully overlay a specific user’s Exchange calendar with a SharePoint 2010 calendar.

Until the right solution is found, here is a workaround.

Create Master and user calendars

  1. Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint 2010. Display calendar in the Quick Launch.
  2. Create a SharePoint Calendar for each user. Do not display calendars in the Quick Launch.
  3. Enable each user calendar to receive email.
  4. Calendar Tools > Calendar > In the Settings Group, click List Settings > Under the Communications heading, click Incoming e-mail settings
    email settings
  5. Click OK.
  6. Repeat until all User Calendars are set up to receive email.

In the Master Calendar, overlay the user calendars. Limit 10 calendars.

  1. In the Master Calendar, click on Calendars in View.
    Calendar in view
  2. On the Calendar Overlay Settings page, click New Calendar.
  3. On the Customize Calendar page, enter the user’s name in the Calendar Name field.
  4. Leave the type of calendar set to SharePoint.
  5. Select the Color for the background of the user’s calendar. Colors are determined by the site theme.
  6. The Web URL, by default is the URL for the site where the Master Calendar was created. You may change this URL to any site above or below the current site.
    Start custom set up

  7. Click the Resolve button.
  8. Select the list you would like to overlay on the Master Calendar from the List drop-down.
  9. Select the List View you would like to overlay on the Master Calendar from the List View drop-down.
  10. Check the Always show box if you would like the events on the calendar to always show.
    Complete custom set up
  11. Click OK.
  12. Repeat until all User Calendars are overlaid in the Master Calendar.


Create events in Outlook to display in SharePoint calendar

Ask the User perform the following steps:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on Calendar.
  3. From the Home Ribbon, in the New Group, click New Meeting.
  4. Enter the email address for the User Calendar.
  5. Enter other information as usual.
    Outlook Meeting Invite
  6. Click the Send button.

The event will appear on the User Calendar. This could take a few minutes.

The User Calendar is overlaid on the Master Calendar.

Updates made the meeting in Outlook will render in SharePoint. NOTE: Changes in SharePoint will NOT appear in Outlook.

Not the cleanest solution, but it does meet the business requirements.

I’ll keep looking for a cleaner solution.


I like your blog
I like your blog

Thank you!
This tip saved me hours. Thanks!

User Calendar?
Hi Tamara, I'm looking for the same solution and find it quite annoying that MSFT is advertising with this, as if it would work... The thing in your solution I don't understand is the "user calendar" part. From what I understand you are still not using a user's calendar but multiple SharePoint calendars to which you can email. In our organisation email enabled lists do get the extension, so the address would become while me email address is and therefor you still won't see my actual calendar, right?

Answer for User Calendar?
Hi Mike, You are correct. The workaround uses multiple SharePoint Calendars (A, B, C) and a Master SharePoint Calendar. Users invite the appropriate SharePoint Calendar (, B@company to an Outlook meeting. Only the Meetings that the calendar is invited to show up on the SharePoint Calendars (A, B, C). Views of SharePoint Calendars (A, B, C) are added to the Master SharePoint Calendar. The only Outlook Meetings/Appointments that will show up on the Master Calendar are the ones to which the SharePoint Calendars (A, B, C) have been invited. Your entire Outlook Calendar will not show up on the SharePoint Calendar. You could set up one of the views on your SharePoint Calendar to be the current user's Outlook Calendar, but that is based on who is currently logged into the system. Think of a view filtered on [Me]. Hope that helps. I still don't think this is an elegant workaround. I think it's just a workaround.

Hey nice workaround, but it won't work for me, because no one wants to invite his own calendar every time :( Is there any new solution yet ? I thought it would be possible to add their exchange calendar, but it didnt work. It always only added my own calendar :(

You are correct
Answer from Tamara - Mike, You are correct. The users will not see your Outlook Calendar. Users will only see the meetings to which you invited the SharePoint Calendar. Answers for User Calendar - Thanks for the help. You have all the right answers. :) Nice, You are correct. The Overlay Exchange Calendar will overlay the current user's Outlook Calendar onto the SharePoint Calendar. Others - There is no "fix" for this behavior as it is functioning as designed. Hope that helps.

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