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Jan 09

Check out:


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This initial drop includes the following (each with its related documentation):

  • DropLocation\Docs\Setup.txt
    • Information about how to run the Visual Studio 2010 Solutions
  • DropLocation\IntegrationTest\SPGLib\Readme
    • Documentation on how to build and run the Integration Tests
  • DropLocation\IntegrationTest\SPGLib\Microsoft.Practices.SharePoint.Common.Test.sln
    • Integration tests (both xUnit and Web tests)
  • DropLocation\Source\SharePoint 2010\Microsoft.Practices.SharePoint.sln
    • SharePoint Configuration Manager and Service Locator (ported from 2007)
    • Refactored SharePoint Logger (now supports areas/categories)
  • DropLocation\Source\SharePoint 2010\Microsoft.Practices.SharePoint(With Tests).sln
    • Unit tests developed with the PEX/Moles framework

Pex is an Automated White Box Testing Framework for .NET from Microsoft Research. Read about Pex, Stubs, Moles, QuickGraph, MbUnit, and Reflector Addins. I’m not "mocking" it, but it really isn’t my thing.

Several videos can also be found on Channel9.

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